"My team needs to develop Actionable Strategies and Growth Initiatives to achieve our business or global impact goals..." 

All businesses and global impact organizations should be asked by their leadership to develop both Strategies and Initiatives that drive growth.   For many, this means increasing revenues and profitability, improving customer loyalty, expanded market penetration, or enhancing the organization’s ability to implement its mission. 

At ImpactMarkets, we offer 16 years experience in market entry strategy development, strategic planning facilitation, business development and ideation and execution of growth initiatives across a broad array of industries:  agriculture, apparel, business intelligence services, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), executive education, industrial equipment, ICT (Information and Communication Technology), medical devices, specialty food, and transport & logistics.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with:

  • Market Entry Strategies – including expansion to international markets, emerging markets, frontier markets, or new market entry strategies and execution in US geographies;
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation – leverage the benefits of an unbiased outside perspective to help facilitate your strategic planning efforts; 
  • Ideation & Execution of Growth Initiatives – apply targeted consulting services to identify or execute against new growth initiatives, bringing laser-focused attention on a specific project to ensure successful, measurable outcomes; or
  • Business Development & Proposal Writing  – ensure cost effective allocation of resources and with ImpactMarkets as a key member of your proposal writing or business development team.