"People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it"

Simon Sinek, an analyst at RAND Corporation, gave a TED talk in 2010 entitled  "How great leaders inspire action".  The video below is worth watching (about 18 minutes) as Simon explores a simple but powerful framework:  "people don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it." At ImpactMarkets, we couldn't agree more.  For so many people, Social Impact is an afterthought or something you can invest in once your company gets big enough.  The reality, however, is that successful companies who can answer the question "Why does your business exist?" can often most clearly articulate both business and social impact strategies that reinforce their core beliefs.

What is our Why?

At ImpactMarkets, we believe in the power of markets to transmit values, transform lives and deliver meaningful social impact. We believe that any business, big or small, has the potential to better connect with its customers by articulating its core values, social purpose and beliefs.  

What is our "How?"

How we engage our clients is by helping them to identify, clarify and articulate their core social purpose and build a road-map for successful execution.  Whether it is at the beginning of your journey in identifying your intent to have an impact, or by reviewing and refining your existing strategies and implementation challenges, ImpactMarkets is a partner to help you navigate the intersection of markets and social impact. 

Check out Simon Sinek's talk below, and be prepared to be inspired to ask yourself the tough questions about "WHY" you are in the business you are in.  What purpose does your product or service serve, and what type of impact can you have on the lives of others in your market?